This was always on display and its p much going to be forever. Hands down fave thing I’ve ever gotten. Never realized how much stuff I have until now that its all packed up
Holy shit I found this little gem while moving out today

I have to share a bed with my little brother until my other brothers get new beds and Jesus Christ never again will I sleep with this one
He hogs the blanket
Sleeps all crazy
And its not likes he’s pushed me off the bed twice



Do celebrities do taxes?

My friend said he’s gonna throw pebbles at my window and hold a giant boom box playing 3005

"If I could I’d also be your mom" -Mrs. Sapalicio 
No longer Hayashi because today was her wedding. I am so grateful and honored because I was able to attend this beautiful wedding full of joy. The amount of times she made me cry is crazy and the words she told me were so heart touching and not only was she a teacher but she is also a great friend and a mom to me. I love her so much and I’m glad we created this bond I’d never trade it for anything else ❤
#dontlookatmyhairitsgross #todaywastooemotional

Gosh fuck off like seriously


I never fucking know if I’m bothering you, or if you just want me to leave you alone, I just don’t fucking know what I’m doing wrong